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About Me

My Journey

Growing up I had a fairly ‘regular’ life. However, I always felt there was something more to this world than just the physical. Something that most couldn’t ‘see’ with their eyes, but was tangible to me nonetheless. I was a sensitive soul, always trying to ‘fit in’. But, no matter how hard I tried to fit in and live up to the ‘normal’ societal expectations, nothing ever quite felt ‘right’. 

After trying my hand at several different jobs, I still felt that there was something more I was meant to be doing. Or rather…Being. The catalyst to my spiritual awakening was a complete breakdown of my life as I knew it – relationship, house and  career. I now see this breakdown as the best thing that could have happened to me. It set me on the path of rediscovering myself, my gifts and my purpose. I started reconnecting with my inner self, my Soul, and truly listening. What I found was truly remarkable and set me on a path I would never have envisaged in my wildest dreams! This path has led me towards a life of service. Service to you. Service to myself. Service to The Divine that resides in us all. 

I am now a dedicated Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer. Through my awakening journey I found my gifts. Gifts that had in fact, been there all along. I love to create a safe, supported and nurturing sacred space to allow the body, mind and soul to truly heal from the inside out. I will work with you, your Highest Self and your Guides to clear away what no longer serves. Channeling Divine Life Force Energy to re-balance and re-vitalise the physical and energetical bodies so that healing can take place. 

I know that every being has the ability to heal. Just as a flower requires the right environment to grow and flourish, so too do we need that to heal, grow and flourish. I am dedicated to providing just the right environment for you to heal and thrive. My passion is to empower my clients on their own healing journey, so that they may shine their light brightly out into the world.

The healing journey is forever an ongoing process of coming back to ourselves and re-discovering The Divine Light within. I am still revelling in this journey and through my practice, hope to pass on the knowledge, wisdom and skills I have gained along the way. I believe that continued learning is important for any good healer, so my journey on this path continues. And oh…how I relish in the joy of that journey!

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